oh what a night

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Ismayil Khayredinov

There is no other man that makes me happier than Mr Ultrafino. I don’t miss Prague, I miss funk — s uživateli Maryna Puzdrova a Chris Skarsgård Spyrou v Palác Akropolis.

Interview With DJ Format

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Key Quote: Format: I think my favorite part of being a DJ is the fact that I can go dig and discover a record and instantly visualise and think ‘I can’t wait to play that at a party’ or realise that no ones heard it before or no one in the room on that particular night will have heard it. I like to play something that will be different to what other DJs are playing. A lot of people like to operate by playing the latest promos and saying those are things that other people don’t have, but I go the other way, go back and dig for records that have been overlooked and are waiting to be re-discovered by people like me and then play them now, today and get people to enjoy them – bringing something new to people’s ears.

Record Hunting

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Today’s record hunt resulted in acquiring: Sonny Stitt&Jack McDuff, Milt Jackson&Oscar Peterson, Cannoball Adderley, Jimmy Smith, Joe Pass, Miles Davis a skupinu Mýdlo…  httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RogCqLKJDTQ

Larry Levan in Paradise Garage

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Live recording of the one and only. With an extensive list of Paradise Garage records.