Where the f**k are my records???

Posted in Uncategorized on March 18th, 2011 by Mr.Ultrafino

I can not describe the frustration. Knowing you ordered and paid for a stack of killers and instead packing them into your recordbag they are flying back and forth throughout Europe.

This will not stand. I will write letters and Im gonna be a collosal dick about this. Fight the power!


Dear Madamme, Sir,

Last weekend, I ordered a shipment of a parcel from Juno Records at Leyton UK to Prague. As I needed the parcel to arrive today (Friday 18.March) at latest, I chose and paid for FedEx Courrier services instead of regular post service.

From the tracking system at FedEx website, the route of my parcel was:

Leyton – Stansted – Koln (DE) – Neuenstein (DE) – Aubervilliers (FR)

Then the tracking ended and my parcel seemed to be stuck, for some reason, in France.

Raising an enquiry to Czech FedEx branch I discovered that my parcel is not being delivered by FedEx (as was advertised by Juno Records and which is what I paid for) but by GLS International. Obtaining new tracking number I discovered that the parcel was sent from Aubervilliers back to Neuenstein (Germany). After several phonecalls I got to know that it will not be possible to deliver the parcel today but on Monday at earliest.

While I was ordering service from world leading company as FedEx I believed it should not be difficult to deliver a package from UK to Czech Republic in five days. I am therefore very unhappy about the fact that:

1) My parcel is not handled by FedEx as advertised
2) My parcel is being shipped back and forth between Germany and France for reasons not entirely clear to me
3) It takes 7 days (maybe more) to deliver package from UK to Czech Republic

Could I please ask you for explaining the above raised complaints? Let me please say in advance that I was told many times that the shipment was sent by FedEx Economy and therefore FedEx doesnt guarantee any delivery schedule. I can not accept this explanation as (stated above) – my parcel is for some reason NOT handled by FedEx and was without my knowledge handed over to another company. Whats more, I realy refuse to believe that shipping a simple parcel from UK to Czech Republic should take more than 5 days to any kind of shipping service.

Awaiting your response in due course,

with best regards,

Jiri Holubec