Memory of a great man

Posted in Uncategorized on March 24th, 2010 by Mr.Ultrafino

I so remember standing in the audience. Funny story -- I brought a couple of friends along to show them what a great man Curtis was. In the end he was too stoned to talk to us and the overall result was kind of weird (mainly because one of the fireworks rocket exploded between one of my friends’ legs). Anyways, I was feeling kind of upset with Curtis for he haven’t even said thanks to the friend of mine who brought him and antique box full of excellent homegrown weed.

A couple of months later I ran into Curtis in Akropolis and one of the first things he said was, that he still has that wonderful box my friend had given him. Curtis was full of these little surprises and, honestly, I miss him very much. And I’m sure I’m not alone. See you on the other side, Curtis.

Nové Gigy!!

Posted in Uncategorized on March 8th, 2010 by Mr.Ultrafino

Čekujte kalendář. Spousta akcí na obzoru :)